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19th Century Immigration - Causes & Effects

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Students will examine and interpret a population chart published in 1898 depicting changes in the makeup of the United States across time in three categories, "foreign stock," "native stock," and "colored" as well as an 1893 political cartoon about immigration. Students will also explain the causes and effects of population change in the late 19th century.

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US History - Revolution through Reconstruction

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Eighth grade students in Michigan continue their study of United States History from the development of the Constitution through Reconstruction. Geographic, civics/government, and economics content is integrated within the historical context. Students should understand the relevancy and connections of this history to their lives. Students will use significant content knowledge, research, and inquiry to analyze issues. They develop reasoned arguments and write a persuasive civic essay addressing issues from the past within a historical context.

Material Type: Textbook

Authors: Alyson Klak, Amy Carlson, Angie Samp, Ben Pineda, Brandi Platte, Erin Luckhardt, Joe Macaluso