York County Public Schools

Embrace ~ Engage ~ Empower


The mission of the York County School Division is to engage all students in acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to make productive contributions in the world.

Our Goals:

  1. York County students will consistently demonstrate growth and excellence in the skills and knowledge needed to be productive citizens.
  2. The York County School Division will engage all students in rigorous educational experiences.
  3. The York County School Division will recruit, hire, retain and support a diverse staff that meets our highest standards.
  4. The York County School Division will foster effective partnerships with families and our community and promote positive relationships between and among staff, students and families.
  5. The York County School Division will maintain efficient, effective, service-oriented operations that support student achievement in safe, secure environments.

We Believe:

  • Student achievement and continuous student growth are the core priorities of our school division.
  • Excellence is characterized by a caring, involved and dedicated school community that exceeds expectations and strives to make our schools even better.
  • Student achievement is excelling academically to one's highest potential.
  • Achievement is more than performance on standardized tests.
  • Educational experiences should be designed to engage students in making contributions as productive citizens.
  • Division employees must be committed to motivating all students to achieve positive learning outcomes.
  • Family and community involvement are essential to our mission.
  • Recruiting and retaining a highly qualified and diverse staff are paramount to the success of our students.
  • Students should use technology to improve and maximize the impact of their work.
  • Data should be used to inform and adjust instruction and decision making.
  • Student wellness supports student success.
  • Students learn best in safe and secure environments.