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Builders and Bulldozers Game


Builders and Bulldozers is a fun game that I use to help my students practice skipping, galloping, and jogging.  Instead of just performing each movement, they get to use the movements in a game.

Builders and Bulldozers


K.1 The student will demonstrate progress toward the mature form of selected locomotor, non- locomotor, and manipulative skills to understand the various ways the body can move.

a) Demonstrate and differentiate between walking, running, hopping, galloping, and jumping.


Initial Activity:

Students will warm up by performing the stretches in the video above.



Explain the roles of builders (building structures up) and bulldozers (knocking structures down).  Place cones around the playing area, half standing and the other half down.  Demonstrate how builders will build their structures up (standing cones up that are down) and how bulldozers will knock strucures down (knocking down standing cones with hands, not feet).  Each round should go 2 to 4 minutes.



1. Divide students into equal teams (by gender, classes, groups, etc.)

2. Assign each team a job (builder or bulldozer)

3. When the music starts, students will use the locomotor movement (skipping, galloping, jogging, etc.) that teacher has designated for that round and knock down the cones if they are bulldozers and pick the cones up if they are builders

4. When the music stops, students must freeze while the teacher counts how many cones are standing and how many have been knocked down

5. If more cones are on the ground, the bulldozers win that round.  If more cones are standing, the builders win

6. Designate a new locomotor movement and change jobs for the next round



1. Create three teams so one team can get a turn to rest for a round.  They could use their resting round to cheer on one of the other teams.



1. Have a student demonstrate the correct way to skip, gallop, jog, etc.

2. Ask students if they felt they were better as a builder or a bulldozer.


I have always enjoyed using this activity to work on different locomotor movements because it's fun and gives the kids a job and coworkers (teammates) who are counting on them to do their best.