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La familia Ortega

La familia Ortega


This task asks students to read short passages about an imaginary Hispanic family and answer comprehension questions in a multiple choice format. Questions and answers are in English. As an extension activity, students write about themselves and their family members. A reflection is included in which students indicate how well they understood the passages and whether reading Spanish passages first about family helped them write about their own family. Students are also asked to indicate what they still need or would like to know about the family in Spanish. The task is appropriate for Level 1 Spanish students.

Reading Comprehension Task

You have been studying how to describe family members in Spanish. Read the following passages about the Ortega family and answer the comprehension questions that follow to see how much you understand.

Passage 1

 Me llamo Alejandro, y tengo quince años. Yo soy sociable y gracioso. Tengo una familia grande. Hay nueve personas en mi familia, incluso yo.

  1. How old is Alejandro?

   A. 12

   B. 13

   C. 14

   D. 15

     2. What is he like?

    A. shy

    B. smart

   C. funny

   D. affectionate

   3. What is his family like?

   A. big

   B. small

   C. average size

   D. He does not mention it.

Passage 2

 Mis padres se llaman Dolores y Arturo. Ellos son muy buenos. Mi madre es estricta pero cariñosa. Mi padre es muy paciente, y le gustan los carros. Mi madre tiene cincuenta años, y mi padre tiene cincuenta y dos años. Mi madre es ama de casa y mi padre es maestro en un colegio público.

  1. What is Alejandro’s mother like?

   A. patient

   B. strict

   C. sociable

   D. serious

    2. What is Alejandro’s father like?

   A. patient

   B. strict

   C. sociable

   D. serious

    3. What does Alejandro’s father do?

   A. He works in a bank.

   B. He works at home.

   C. He teaches in a public school.

   D. He works with cars.

Passage 3

Mi hermano mayor se llama Miguel. Él es muy trabajador. También es simpático y serio. Miguel tiene treinta y tres años. Trabaja en un banco. Tiene una esposa que se llama Fleur. Ella es de Francia.

  1. Who is Miguel?

   A. Alejandro’s uncle

   B. Alejandro’s older brother

   C. Alejandro’s younger brother

   D. Alejandro’s cousin

    2. Who is Fleur?

   A. Alejandro’s older sister

   B. Alejandro’s younger sister

   C. Alejandro’s sister in law

   D. Alejandro’s aunt

Passage 4

 Mi hermana se llama Isabel. Ella es muy atlética, inteligente, y callada. Isabel tiene catorce años. Ella juega muy bien al fútbol, y tiene muchos amigos en el colegio. Ella es la única hija de la familia, los demás son chicos.

  1. Who is Isabel?

   A. Alejandro’s sister

   B. Alejandro’s aunt

   C. Alejandro’s sister in law

   D. Alejandro’s cousin

    2. What is she like?

   A. shy

   B. smart

   C. funny

   D. affectionate

    3. How many daughters are there in the Ortega family?

   A. 1

   B. 2

   C. 3

   D. 4

  • Challenge question (optional)

How many sons are there in the Ortega family including Alejandro?

   A. 3

   B. 4

   C. 5

   D. 6


Writing Task

Now that you have read about Alejandro’s family, write about yourself and your own family. Introduce yourself and some of your family members giving information such as names, ages, looks, and personalities. You can include extended family members such as grandparents, cousins, etc., and pets if you have any. You may include additional information related to the topic.


  • Indicate how easy to understand the Spanish passages were. 5 means that they were very easy.

         5        4        3        2        1

  • How much did reading Spanish passages first about the family help you write about your own family? 5 means that it was very helpful to you.

         5        4        3        2        1

  • Please indicate what else you would like or need to know about describing families in Spanish.