British Monarchy Flow Chart

Students have a lot of British rulers to keep track off.  This Flow Chart allows student a visual of the leaders and then to fill in with important details.  The Google Draw below can be placed in Google Classroom as an assignment.

I do a "living" flow chart first.  I give students names times with the monarchs (and Cromwell).  Students then put themselves in order.  Next I get other students in the class large notecards with one fact on each card (they are taken from the answer key).  They give the facts to the appropriate monarch or leader.  We do this twice to make sure everyone has it down.  I do this after I have finished the English Civil War and Glorious Revolution.  

British Monarchy Flow Chart
British_Monarchy_Flow_Chart.PNGBritish Monarchy Flow Chart

British Monarchy Flow Chart

Download: British_Monarchy_Flow_Chart.docx

Download: British_Monarchy_Flow_Chart_ANSWER_KEY.pdf

Google Draw that allows students to drag and drop the correct description to the correct monarch: 

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