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Choosing Metadata for Your Resource: Best Practices

Choosing Metadata for Your Resource: Best Practices


Some best practices for adding metadata to your customized (remixed) or created resources.

Choosing Metadata for your Resource: Best Practices

  • Your first piece of metadata is your OVERVIEW. This is a short description of your resource and all of the text is scanned by the search engine.  Any words you include here will help your fellow educators to find your resource.  Is this a project-based lesson, or a choice board, or a lesson idea that will support deeper learning?  Use those terms in your description to help teachers find it.
  • You second piece of metadata is to determine which open license your resource provides. We highly recommend using the Attribution Non-Commercial license, but you may choose Attribution (the first choice listed) or Public Domain (if you do not want to be recognized as the original creator in remixed works.  You may not choose any of the other licenses listed for resources being posted in #GoOpenVA (please see our Terms of Agreement).
  • The subject areas listed are all Virginia content areas. You can choose a broad subject are (like ‘Mathematics’) or a more narrow subject area (like ‘Number and Number Sense’) or BOTH (even better).  Hold down the CTRL key to choose multiple items from any of the pull-down lists. There is also a category for PD resources called "Professional Learning."
  • All items with an asterisk are required. If you try to publish a resource without completing all the required metadata, an error message in red will highlight where you need to add the data.
  • If you are providing professional learning or administrative documents on #GoOpenVA, use Graduate/Professional for the Educational Level.
  • Keywords (also known as Tags) are helpful in searches. Add as many as you think helpful to others who are searching for resources like yours. If a keyword has been used by someone else before, it will show up as you start typing, and you can choose it rather than continue typing.
  • You must check the box at the bottom before publishing: “By checking this box I am declaring that I have the right to use and share all images, videos and other content inside this resource with the original creator's consent*”