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World Languages, Spanish
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Middle School, High School
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    Los saludos - Greetings in Spanish

    Los saludos - Greetings in Spanish


    This is a multi-part activity that is for level 1. Students will watch a video to see basic greetings. It can be adapted for virtual or in-person, and there are opportunities to expand upon each of the activities.

    Learning Intentions:

    • I will learn about basic greetings.

    • I will learn about basic conversations (i.e. asking where someone is from).

    Success Criteria:

    • I can put a basic conversation with greetings in order.

    • I can have a basic conversation with a classmate. This includes names, how someone is, and where they are from.

    There is also a Word Doc version.


    LOS SALUDOS (Greetings) 



    A. Consider the following questions:

    1. How do you greet other people?

    2. Do you greet everyone the same way? What affects how you greet someone?

    3. What gestures or examples of body language are commonly used? With whom?

    B. Video

    4. Now, watch the following video. Make sure the closed captions are on, in Spanish.



    A. Answer the following in English:

    1. What is happening in the video?

    2. Is this a formal or informal type of setting?

    3. How do you normally respond to people?

    B. Infographic:

    Click on this link to explore other possible responses.


    Now, use this document to demonstrate your understanding of a basic conversation.


    Pretend you and your classmate are meeting for the first time. Create a conversation as outlined below. Each person should ask and answer the questions. Be ready to present to the teacher or class. Use the rubric to guide you. The conversation should be on a video.


    1. What similarities and differences did you notice in informal Spanish conversations and ones in English?2. Feedback: Did you enjoy this activity? Please provide any comments or suggestions for the future.


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