Laura Brown
Personal Finance, Mathematics, Computation and Estimation
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Lesson Plan
Upper Primary
Adding Decimals, Counting Change, Decimal Operations, Money, Multiplying Decimals, Sales Tax, Subtracting Decimals
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Shopping Spree - Remix

Shopping Spree - Remix


Students will practice counting money up to five dollars using grocery ads from local stores.

The remix includes suggestions on another way to do the activity and a way to modify so it can be used for 5th grade. 

Remix Notes

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 -  The original lesson is designed for 3rd grade. In the lesson, students are given a sales ad and directed to "buy" as much food as they can in 10 minutes. Then they are to cut out the pictures of the items and glue them on construction paper. They write their total and the amount of change they would get back from $5.00 on their piece of construction paper. 

-  Sometimes it's challenging to get sales advertisements or the the cutting and pasting can take longer than you expected so you may want to use online sales advertisements. You can combine the first and second steps by having students shop and "cut & paste" the items onto a text document. Then they can do their calculations on a piece of paper that they submit to you.

- You can modify this assignment and use if for 5th grade.  Have them calculate the sales tax also. Increase the amount they have to $10 but they have to include sales tax in their total when they find their change from the $10.