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Pre-K Internet Safety

Pre-K Internet Safety


How to incorporate internet safety into our morning meeting circle time with 3 and 4 year olds. 

Internet Safety

Welcome Friends to our morning meeting about internet safety. 

Lots of people from all over the world use the internet.  Just like in real life there are good people who use the internet and there are bad people also.  We need to always be kind and responsible to be the good people on the interent.

Let's watch this video about how some boys and girls use the internet.


When you are using the internet it is always best to have an adult in the room with you so they are close by if something or someone talks to you that you do not know.    Always tell an adult if that happens. 

If something bad or scary pops up while you are on your table, tell and adult! 

If you want to post a picture of a friend, always ask them first. 


We need to watch youtube safely and ask google good questions while being careful, we don't want to use the internet in a bad way. 


Let's play a game, you give me a thumbs up if it is safe.  Give me a thumbs down if it is not safe. 


Someone online asks you where you live, and you tell them Narrows.    Safe or not safe?

(what should you do?)

You are watching a my little pony video on youtube and a picture of a scary clown pops up. Safe or not safe?

(what should you do?)

You are watching Blippi and see an awesome rollercoaster he is riding. You learn new words about gravity. Safe or not safe?   

You are playing video games with you brother and the people playing are talking about bad things.  Is that safe or not safe?  

(what should you do?)