Jamie Marquitz, Jessica Brown, Candice Anthony-Cazenave, Amy Erb
Cross-Curricular, STEM/STEAM, Visual Art, Geography
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Upper Primary
Agamograph, Chesapeake-project, Foregroundmiddlegroundbackground, Geography, Mini-grant, Regions of Virginia, Regionsofva, Yaakocagams
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Education Standards

Regions of Virginia and Art

Regions of Virginia and Art


Demonstrate how to draw a landscape outline using foreground, middle ground and background.  Tell the students that they will need to choose two different VA landscapes to draw including details and color.

  1. Draw an outline in pencil of the first regional landscape of your choice.

  2. Discuss colored pencil techniques.  When coloring in your drawings, use several different colors and shades of a color as well as how to vary the pressure on your pencil to add depth to your drawing. 

  3. Have students pass out supplies.

  4. Students write what two regions of their choice on the back of their first landscape drawing.  Students work independently on their first landscape.


Regions of Virginia and Agamograph

Objectives: The students will  create an agamograph work of art that depicts the landscapes of two regions of Virginia and describe the characteristics of the region used.

Art SOLs:

4.8 The student will create the illusion of depth on a two-dimensional surface, using overlapping, size variation, and placement on the picture plane.

5.2  The student will execute and complete works of art with attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Main idea: Introduce the concept of the agamograph as a 3D style of art which uses  two different drawings/designs that are folded back and forth into an accordian style paper which depending on the perspective that you are viewing it you will see a different picture.  It is named after an Israeli artist Yaakov Agam.  He creates giant scale morphing versions of drawing projects. Using the powerpoint, discuss the different regional landscapes found in Virginia: Tidewater, Ridge & Valley, Blue Ridge Mt., Piedmont, and Appalachian plateau.