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Brochure for an Attraction in the USA.

Brochure for an Attraction in the USA.


This lesson is part of a cross curriculum unit based upon planning of a road trip.  In this lesson students research an attraction they wish to visit on their road trip.  After researching an attraction students complete a brochure describing their attraction.

Lesson Plan

Grade Level: _6_ Subject: _English_ Unit of Study: _Research and Writing__  Unit:  Road trip           Lesson:  _1-4_

Daily Lesson Objective:


By the end of the lesson students will be able to develop a brochure describing the highlights of a destination attraction. 


Virginia Standard(s) of Learning:

6.9    The student will find, evaluate, and select appropriate resources to create a research product.    

           b) Collect and organize information from multiple resources. 

6.7    The student will write in a variety of forms, to include narrative, expository, persuasive, and reflective, with an emphasis on narrative and reflective writing.

          f) Establish a central idea, incorporating evidence and maintaining an organized structure.  

Warm Up/Hook:      Time 3-5 minutes


Time: 5 minutes

Discuss how travel brochures have been a staple for trip planning for years.  Even today rest areas along interstate highways have them to highlight interesting points of interests.  Have the students begin to think about any place or attraction in the USA they would like to visit on a road trip. Ask if anyone would like to share.


Learning Plan/Activities:


Time: 15 minutes

Expand on responses from students, telling them that we will be creating a brochure highlighting the place or attraction.  Begin to brainstorm as a group ideas for what should be included in the brochure.  Place these ideas on the board for all students to see and evaluate.  


Examples would be

Location of attraction

Any costs associated with the attraction

points of interest at the attraction  ex. rides, scenic attraction, and food 



Activity/Practice (Student Actions):

Time:  10 minutes

Teacher shares this brochure template in google slides to complete a travel brochure by researching  an attraction they wish to visit on a road trip.  Instruct the students to use the template and include the ideas they came up with as a class to make their brochure as interesting and informative as possible. 



Tier 1 (High)

Tier 2 (Middle)

Tier 3 (Low)


Whole Group


Whole Group


clabrative and peer tutoring



Time:  5 minutes

Students will share with a partner something from thier brochure.






Finished travel brochure





Google Slides




Internet connected device


Brochure template