Since its founding in 1961, the ownership has established educational programming and services as WHRO's core mission. As a leader in utilizing emerging technologies, today WHRO delivers most of its educational content online. WHRO's leading-edge instructional resources include eMediaVA, educational content, and on-demand digital media. WHRO Education also offers literacy and STEM instructional resources to support early learners and professional development for PreK-12th grade teachers.         

eMediaVA provides all of Virginia’s teachers and students with an unmatched collection of audio, video, and interactive multimedia learning resources designed to meet Virginia's need for a statewide, on-demand digital media repository and distribution system correlated to and searchable by Virginia’s Standards of Learning (SOL). The learning objects found in eMediaVA can be utilized by teachers in face-to-face instruction or used as components of online and blended classes. eMediaVA is also completely free of charge to all Virginia teachers, students (including homeschool and private school), and parents.