Jane Brown
Scientific and Engineering Practices
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Activity/Lab, Lecture Notes, Lesson
Middle School
  • Constant
  • Control
  • Dependent Variable
  • Experiment
  • Experimental Design
  • Hanover-project
  • Independent Variable
  • Mini-grant
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    Education Standards

    Experimental Design Process Skills

    Experimental Design Process Skills


    This activity is designed to be a self-paced activity to review students on the parts of Experimental Design while at home or in the classroom. There is a simple experiment for the students to complete to generate and collect data and a second example in which they design their own experiment and collect data. They are then led through the process of analyzing their data and writing a conclusion.

    Scientific Process Skills Review

    This is intended to be a self-directed review activity on Scientific Process Skills which can be done at home. Students will follow the PowerPoint and do a simple experiment to help them with the parts of an Experimental Design. They will also have the opportunity to design and conduct a simple experiment of their own.

    Scientific Process Skills Review Activity


    When a scientist or an engineer begins to do an experiment or activity they don’t just start it and magically it works. They have to constantly reimagine, redesign, rebuild, and redo. They have to figure out how to change it to make sure it works, what to measure, and how to control it. We label those things as the experimental design, and it all starts with what you change or your independent variable to having an effect on your data or your dependent variable. Complete this activity by viewing the presentation of Scientific Process Skills Review and completing the Experimental Design Process Sheet.