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Paste Creative Commons License into Document You Wish to Add

Paste Creative Commons License into Document You Wish to Add


Instructions on how to paste a Creative Commons License into a document that you wish to add to #GoOpenVA.  This takes you to the Creative Commons site to pick the proper license and make a copy to paste.

Paste Creative Commons License in Document You Wish to Add to #GoOpenVA

If you need help learning about different Creative Commons licenses and what they mean, please see About the Licenses


  1. Choose the Creative Commons license you want to use by going to the Creative Commons Chooser page.  #GoOpenVA recommends using the CC BY or CC BY NC license. Never use the ND (no derivative) option.


  1. Click on “Yes, I know the license I need,” then the NEXT button.


  1. Use the drop-down menu to choose the correct license, then click the NEXT button.


  1. If you wish to include information that others can use to attribute your work, add it here.  However, this is optional and if you do not want to add information, click DONE.


  1. In the lower right of the web page, see the section title MARK YOUR WORK.  Click on the tab titled Print Work or Media.


  1. Click on the gold COPY button to copy the text to your clipboard.


  1. You can now paste this in your document, either at the very end or in the page footers, whichever you choose to do. It will look like this:


This work is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0. To view a copy of this license, visit 

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Attached are Word and PDF versions of these instructions