Lindsey Paulson, Whitney Wells-Corfield
Mathematics, Number and Number Sense
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Upper Primary
  • Decimal
  • Decimals
  • Math
  • Mic Drop Maths
  • Paulson
  • Place Value
  • Place Values
  • Podcast
  • Rounding
  • Wells-Corfield
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    Decimal Rounding Podcast Episode (Mic Drop Maths)

    Decimal Rounding Podcast Episode (Mic Drop Maths)


    Mic Drop Maths is a mathematics podcast for 5th graders based on the VA Standards of Learning. Each episode addresses one standard and is broken into segments including concept, real-world application, math history, literature connections, misconceptions, and more! There is music, sound effects, jokes, and student voice in each engaging and entertaining episode. 

    Decimal Rounding

    This is a podcast episode of Mic Drop Maths you can listen to on the website or Podcast apps: Apple, Sticher, and Spotifiy. 

    This episode digs deeper into decimal place value and how to round decimal numbers. Do you know why the decimal point has been so irritated? Have you heard the decimal prequel to The Three Billy Goats Gruff? Listen to learn more about the world of decimal numbers!

    Students can follow along with a digital or print resource here.