The purpose of this group is to share resources created through the three-year Region VII Computer Science STARS: Supporting Teachers Application, Recognition, and Skills for Computer Science Education grant. This project is designed to build and expand upon regional expertise in Computer Science to aid in the implementation of the Virginia Department of Education’s Computer Science Standards of Learning. The grant will offer multiple opportunities for professional development in Computer Science including several targeted workshops, conferences, and coursework to PK-12 teachers from across Region VII.
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Programming Polygons

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This is a lesson that integrates programming in Python or Scratch into 3rd grade math. The focus of this lesson is on polygons.SOL's:Math 3.12The student will a) define polygon; b) identify and name polygons with 10 or fewer sides; and c) combine and subdivide polygons with three or four sides and name the resulting polygon(s).CS 3.2  3.2  The student will construct programs to accomplish tasks as a means of creative expression using a block- or text-based programming language, both independently and collaboratively a. using sequencing; b. using loops (a wide variety of patterns such as repeating patterns or growing patterns); and c. identifying events. 

Material Type: Lesson

Author: Christopher McElraft

Parts of a Computer

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This resource is a PowerPoint presentation that covers the Computer Science SOL K.5: The student will identify components of computing systems (e.g., keyboard, mouse, desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet, and printer).

Material Type: Visual Media

Author: Dana Smith

Sorting by Attributes

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After teaching about sorting objects, students will need some independent practice. In the classroom, students are often able to sort objects physically, but when they are learning online, they may need to do it by a computer program for the sake of teacher assessment. This Google slide deck has three attributes (shape, color, and size) for students to sort the pictures. It also contains some questions about sorting for discussion, whether students are in class or at home.

Material Type: Homework/Assignment

Author: Tara Williams