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#GoOpenVA Training: Collaborate!

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This video, produced collaboratively by Blue Ridge PBS and the Virginia Department of Education, is designed to help users of #GoOpenVA go from just using the resources of the site to collaborating with others to share knowledge, resources, and lesson plans. #GoOpenVA is a collaborative initiative that enables educational entities throughout Virginia to create, share, and access openly-licensed educational resources (OER, also known as open education resources). OER are free digital materials that can be used or modified to adjust to student needs; they are openly-licensed unhampered by many traditional copyright limitations. #GoOpenVA encourages all Virginia educators and learners to create, share, and use digital resources with the end goals of providing equitable access to great learning materials throughout the state, and supporting new approaches to learning and teaching for all Virginians.

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Saving Resources (Similar to Bookmarks) Screencast and Instructions

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You can save resources to folders you create in your space on #GoOpenVA, similarly to bookmarking resources using a browser.  You can create the folders first, or create them on the fly, as you find resources you want to refer to again later.  You can save folders to your private "My Items" space or to any Groups to which you belong.

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