Scratch Identity Packs (SEL, ELA & CS)

The Scratch Identity Pack lessons use children’s literature and programming in Scratch to facilitate exploration of students’ relationships to their identities, while integrating social-emotional learning, ELA, and computer science standards. These lessons use creative coding to support students in exploring and expressing their own identities in conversation with the text, while developing empathy for those of differing identities. This project is part of CodeVA’s commitment to the U.S. Dept of Education’s “YOU Belong in STEM” initiative.
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What's in a Name?

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This lesson sequence offers students and teachers a way to explore gender and cultural identity through analyzing children’s literature and coding with Scratch, specifically exploring the importance of names to our identities. Through read-aloud activities and self-differentiated Scratch projects, students learn about the importance of names in reference to both gender and culture, and have a chance to explore and express ideas about their own names, brainstorm creating school environments supportive of diversity, and reflect on their own bravery and resilience. This sequence is broken into seven lessons, though your students may need additional class time to work on their projects.This lesson sequence is part of CodeVA's committment to the U.S. Department of Education "YOU Belong in STEM" initiative. 

Material Type: Lesson, Lesson Plan, Unit of Study

Authors: CodeVA Curriculum, Michelle Pealo, MATTHEW REIERSON, Jasper Gunn, Jon Stapleton