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Sharing Sessions Notetaker

Sharing Sessions Notetaker


The RISE UnConference was held on 2/25/2021, and was a sharing session between North Carolina and Virginia educators.  We considered the past year and shared what we found useful in a time of crisis.  We also reflected on what would help us rise above that crisis to make education better as we move to a new reality.

Sharing Session 1: Resources

   Breakout One - Resource Sharing                       
  Please find your name below and use your row to share any reflections, ideas and resources!                     
Attendee Name (alphabetical by first name)Name and link to Curriculum Resource you are sharingOrigin (Where did this resource come from?)Navigation (How did you use the resource?)Destination (What happened when you used this?)NOTES:                    
AmyStanleyCode curriculum in GoOpen - now available in #GoOpenNCFrom curriculum this allows you to see the curriculur connections to all computer science lessons K-8 - Fundamentals and Discoveries Computer Science                   
AnnieEvansNew American History OER resources from Univ. of Richmond, VAI work w/ Dr. Ed Ayers to create learning resources and share with educators across the country for history/geography/current events. Working w/ VDOE to integrate into our SOL / AAHEC in #GoOpenVAWe have developed tools and resrouces used across the country with upper elem, MS/HS and Higher Ed for history, geography, civics, govt., ELA, science and STEaMHistory/Social Sciences                   
BridgetMariano#GoOpenVBCPS Presentation for Sr. StaffI created it and openly licensed it.To inform senior leadership about OERThey were very happy to hear about this topic and asked to learn moreommitment to OER textbooks as first stop for adoption, Cooperative Team started since with #GoOpenVA grantEducator PL                    
DeniseNassetta is the school library version of OverdriveFree starter easy connection to public library online books and ebooks (Overdrive) Tool (commercial)                    
DerekSower   Tool (free but non-open)                   
ErinBrown by Fern Vogt  Mathmatics                    
HeatherCauseyDigital Resources RubricCreated in response to need for easy to remember rubricFor teacher professional learning Educator PL                    
JeremyAldrichAlso, Teach Your Monster to Read  early literacy website funded by a charity that my daughter loved (app has paid version) Reading (free but non-OER)                    
JeremyAldrichNational foreign language resource centers focused on OER: and  Saw it at a professional conferenceShared with world language teachers, ideas for possible future projects through our state world language organizationSpurred a desire for more things like it!World Lanugagues (free but non-OER)                    
JeremyAldrichFor our awesome librarian peeps looking to expand their multilingual collections: Lectorum (also offers a Spanish book fair)
Books Del Sur (Latin American books)
American Reading Company Thematic Text Sets in Spanish
Pinata books
Language Lizard (books in many languages including Tigrinya and Swahili!)
Lil' Libros (board books)
Lorito Books
   Libraries/CRT (these are all commercial sites, however)                 
JessicaMullinsInteractive Math Lessons (Algebra 1)
Teacher createdThematic Units - Problem Based Math (Algebra 1) Mathematics (checking on licensing)                    
JoannaSchimizziBiology resource on MRS GREN and characteristics of lifeI created it in collaboration with another educator.I used it in place of a previous resource that didn't have any cultural relevance to student lives.With some discussion scaffolding, students were very honest and took the time to think about themselves.Science/CRT                    
KarenMiller was shared with meI shared with my ITRTs and then sending out to the our divisionJust shared yesterdayEducator PL                    
LizAshbySimple Lab Report Format for 6-12: created this resource for GoOpenVAI use this standard lab report format for all of the experiments that my students do in class. This helps me to embed the SOL .1s into all of the curriculum and help my students practice identifying the parts of an experiment. Student grades on the .1 section of the SOL improved greatly with the use of a simplified format to understand experimental design and differentiate between variables. Science                    
MattCaratacheaHenriCODEHenrico County Public SchoolsCoding projects aligned to SOLs Computer Science                    
MeaganSmithWide Open SchoolsVSTE Conference fieldtrips, subject level activities and even ESL activitiesVarious content (free but non-open)                    
ReneeRusssell   Reading (free but non-OER)                    
SamanthaBerry appTo give our pre-readers practice in foundation skills. World Languages (free but non-open)                    
SarahBarnesPadlet tool Tool (free but non-open)                    
SarahCampbellChrome Music Lab  Music (free but non-open)                    
StevenSprolesStanford History Education Group often recommend it to teachers as an excellent teaching resource.  Thinking Like a Historian is EXCELLENT: History/Social Sciences                    
SylviaAndersonCosmoBuzz and Whiteboard.chatOne of my subscription reads.CB - on-the-fly questioning, drills, exit tickets   WB.C - collabooration, communication, instructional delivery Tool (free but non-open)                    
TIMMYSMITHJamboard thru Google ClassroomFrom ColleagueUsed it for drawing for my Carpentry classesStudents used as visual for lecture that I could manipulateTool (free but non-open)                    
WandaSmith purchasedWe used these as a baseline for online and offline PBLs for all K-12 studentsPanic from parents at first. We need to increase teacher understanding. Planning a PBL WInter Showcase now.Tool (free but non-open)                    
Monica StarkweatherBentoBox Twitter #PLN Amanda Sandoval templateI adapted it to meet the needs of a newcomer EL taking BiologyThis helped break-up the instruction of cell functions and then the students' undertstandingScience                    

Sharing Session 2: Strategies

   Breakout Two - Strategy Sharing                       
  Please find your name belowand use your row to share any reflections, ideas and resources!                      
Attendee Name Name and link (if applicable) to strategy you are sharingOrigin (Where did this strategy come from?)Navigation (How did you use the strategy?)Destination (What happened when you used this?)NOTES:                    
AnnieEvansNew American History of our OER tools/resources is which is a connection engine. Students can curate and save/share their own collections, annotate or respond to questions . Teachers can create their own collections and push out as an assignment in an LMS. allows students to modify the reading level of a Bunk entry. You can also embed it in Wakelet to use the immersive reader tool for a read aloud. I pasted a Bunk article into Wakelet to use immersive reader, then created a separate version with Rewordify to level the reading for struggling readers. EL students and students with disabilitites were engaged using Bunk, and the audio/reading accommodations enabled them to be a part of the larger discussion in their classrooms.Skills development                    
BridgetMarianoQuestion Formulation Technique/Right Question InstituteRight Question InstituteI have used with administrators, educators, and students successfully to get people to know how to ask the right questions.Participants learned about the different types of questions and how to improve their questions.Skills development                    
DeniseNassettaCreating collections/ curations to share. I am collecting resources in Destiny Collections and Wakelets, but also in virtual displays and rooms. They are cross posted and often link back to each other. I share them on Destiny, through emails, and in my Canvas Library "class." Educator PL                    
JeremyAldrichStrategies to Encourage Students to Turn Their Cameras On
React Meet extension for Google Meet that might entice some students to turn cameras on so they can show reactions/gifs
Teach students to adjust their backgrounds which might increase comfort with being on camera.  Also, strategies for supporting multilingual family literacy: Global Storybooks project - and outlines of books that students/families can "write" in their home languages
High school teachers were feeling frustrated that they weren't seeing students much! Harder to check for comprehension and harder to develop communityTeachers experimented with what worked for them. Some reported having a daily "camera on" time for a few minutes with fist to five reactions Educator PL                    
JessicaMullinsStudent Experts Project on the last slide (teacher created)To increase student engagement and drive their inquiry based learning Skills development                    
JoannaSchimizziDaily emails on a rotating basisI created a schedule for me to email with students one-on-one. We actually don't talk about content very much, just relatipnship building. My students are grouped into cohorts and they know which day of the week to send me an email. I sit down at the very end of the day (10:00pm usually) and send each student a quick reply.We enjoy asking each other random things and talking about life other than school. Some nights it feels draining to do one more thing, but I think for many of my students, they like the connection.SEL                    
KristiMillerSchool wide course in Canvas split into gradesThe school needed a more direct communication tool where students can message back and get their questions answered. The messages range from fun to informativeStudents feel connected while being away from campus. SEL                    
LizAshbyPQPA Responses in online discussion boardsI learned about this at the VAST conference this fallI use this strategy to help students create valuable discussion in online discussion boards. They have to create their original post, and then respond to one or more classmates in PQPA format - one praise, one polish, one question, and one answer to a questionThis increased the rigor of my discussion boards and improved learning with these assignments by increasing collaboration. Skills development                    
MichelleWrightLast year, I used a lot of our public library resources for reading with my students. Recorded using ScreencastifyRecording videos to teach library concepts was learning during my SLC certificationScreencastify allowed me to make videos on how to teach logging  to the catalog, find eBooks and eAudiobooks, etc. Placed in YouTube, students and families were able to look at my resources in their own time. Skills development                    
MolleeHollomanBrain Breaks Learned from Chris BeneckIncorporating in to PD and modeling how teachers must give students a time to pause, reflect and recharge between important learning sessionsLots more engagement!SEL                    
PamBatchelorProtocols - School Reform IntiativeYouth Engagement ProtocolsSchool Reform Protocols are great for professional development and Professional Learning Teams/Communities. The Youth Engagement Protocols are modified versions for using with students. The protocols for looking at data - atlas is my favorite. Educator PL/Skills development                    
SamanthaBerryLetting students teach the class tech skills necessary for the lesson. In my coding club.Builds student leadership skills.Skills development                    
StevenSprolesRetrieval practice!!  ("two things" ... "brain dumps" ... "retrieval notes") Great for webinar intro ... breaking up/"chunking" content ... finishing up (helping solidify learning).  We have had really good response/feedback from our professional learning webinars; hoping these strategies have helped with retention.Skills development                    
SusanHODGESBrain breaks or current eventsStemmed from my frustration with the lack of kids not aware of their surroundingsIntroducing a unit OR in middle of teaching SEL                    
SylviaAndersonChallenges, Contests, CompetitionsVarious resources and VDOE promotionsCreated Innovation Course in Canvas for K5Interested students took part.Skills development                    
TIMMYSMITHYou Tube Necessity for visualsquestions and answers Content                    
Stacey SmithleyMicrosoft Break-Out RoomsMicrosoft Teams TrainingStudents are able to do book talks virtually with teacher "popping" in to monitorStudents were more engaged with a small group of studentsSEL                    
Monica StarkweatherPromoting Classroom InteractionsGo-To Strategies for ELs, Folder with all 5 PrinciplesAdapted for digital sharing/ collaboration with GenEd SEL                    

Sharing Session 3: Collaboration

   Breakout Three - Collaboration                       
  Please find your name below and use your row to share any reflections, ideas and resources!                      
Attendee Name Name and link (if applicable) to Collaboration you are sharingOrigin (Where did this Collaboration come from?)Navigation (How did you navigate the collaboration?)Destination (What happened as a result of the collaboration?)NOTES                    
AnnieEvansNew American History of our New American History collaborators is FieldStudio, creators of the PBS series, The Future of America's Past. We worked with them to integrate segments of their history travel series to create inquiry based field experiences for gr 4-12.  These are found in our learning resources library. see slides shared in link for more details. Our executive director is the host of the show and worked with PBS and the filmmakers to allow us to be the curriculum resource providers for the series.When schools first shut down last spring due to COVID we were able to quickly work with PBS to film ourselves teaching the digital lessons using the videos and inquiry based activities, broadcasting them out on PBS forstudents without access to WiFi as schools figured out how to get devices  and hotspots out into their communities. Later we were able to follow up with virtual PD for teachers on how to use the tools/resources. educator collaboration                    
BridgetMarianoCollaborative Slide Decks in Google; jamboard for students   collaboration tools                   
ChristinaSpearsGoOpenNC Culturally Relevant Teaching - Identifying Bias in Sources ToolCollaboration to build CRT Sessions to support educators' ability to identify bias in sources to determine if they need to be removed/remixed/edited to move them toward cultural responsiveness.Sought a lot of inputWe used this tool with 50+ educators in the Fall and have expanded our cohort model this Spring and plan to use this with 100+ educators in NC over the next 9 weekseducator collaboration                    
Irma Students in groups read and work in critical thinking, resolve problems and together responds a cuestionary. Alfer the work is finish we share the results and give feedback.socrativesocrative.comStudents i groups read and work in critical thinking, resolve problems and together responds a cuestionary. Alfer the work is finish we share the results and give feedback.student collaboration                   
JaniceSkipwithNearpod and FlipgridNearpod and Flipgrid LibrariesUse of tools to engage students by making lessons interactive. Also I used these to deliver professional learning for teachersEnables collaboration amongst students and teachers.collaboration tools                   
JoannaSchimizziGoOpenNC Culturally Relevant Teaching - Curriculum Interrogation ToolCollaboration to build CRT Sessions to support Curriculum InterrogationSought a lot of inputWe are planning to use this with 100+ educators in NC over the next 9 weekseducator collaboration                    
KristiHingertyjamboard   collaboration tools                   
KristiMillerVoicethreadweb searchHere's a lot of examples: are given a voice whether it be audio, text, videocollaboration tools                   
MargaretLeGrandCRT with JoannaCRT on GoOpenNC  educator collaboration                    
MeaganSmithPadlet collaboration tools                   
SamanthaBerryGoogle Apps for EducationGoogle  collaboration tools                   
StevenSprolesWakelet ( have used it primarily to collect/curate and then share resourcesEasy for collaboration with colleagues (images; docs, links, etc).  Here's one of ours: and here's info on our Fast and Curious webinar series for anyone who is interested: collaboration tools                   
SusanHODGESPLCs and Schoology   collaboration tools                   
SylviaAndersonMOP - Manual of Proceduresspecialist team for elementary schoolsshared document creating how-to manuals for devices, connectivity, and usage for students and parents posting to a website for the district.  manuals are easily updated as things change so they will always be current.educator collaboration                    
Monica StarkweatherESL Strategy Snapshot newsletterBeing sole ESL Teacher in division and need to increase pdTried to update and send out quarterly educator collaboration                    

All 3 Sharing Sessions in Downloadable Spreadsheet

You can download the spreadsheet for all three sessions (use tabs at the bottom to switch between sessions).