Emily Ball
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Activity/Lab, Game
Upper Primary, Middle School
Digital Citizenship, Game, Game-based Learning
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Digital Citizenship Quiz Show/Game

Digital Citizenship Quiz Show/Game


The student will use the present mode in slides to play a game about digital citizenship and good social media choices individually or in small groups (or with partners). 

Digital Citizenship Game in Slides

Students will answer 8 questions and one true/false about what it means to be a digital citizen.  Students will be given multiple tries to locate the correct answer if incorrectly answered the first time.  Students can keep score if that is what you want to do.  We usually give 10 points for correct on the first attempt and 5 points for correct answers after that.  So a top score of 90 could be the highest someone could score.  We usually combined team scores and post the results by teams (not individuals) on the board and the top three get a prize or if there are more that have tied we do a team against team round with bonus questions.  I find those questions on the quiz pages from Common Sense Media or other educator sites and have a list of 10 additional questions.  If a question is answered incorrectly that team is out of the running, just to make it go quicker for bonus rounds.  Otherwise, no points are found within the game, so points are not a required element of the game.  If you want to make your own questions and quiz show...first make slides with questions.  Next make a second presentation and download each question slide from the original as a background, then add your answer text boxes, hightlight the texts, and right click add a link to slide ___.  Super fun and easy to make using Google Slides!  Check out some fun CS Vocabulary games coming soon using the linking slides method and also just click and drag match-ups too.