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Spanish CS Integrated Community Locations

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The Big Idea: Kinesthetic learning incorporating programming and language instructionConcept: Programming Bee-Bot while learning community location vocabulary and giving directions in SpanishContext: Students will use the Bee-Bot Community Map to talk about the location of various places in the community and area in Spanish. 

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Game, Lesson, Lesson Plan

Author: Ada Chrisman

Password Probability

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Passwords are essential to protecting our private information from others. Use this lesson to explore some basic probabilty behind password options and how easily they can be guessed! This lesson provides an intro into cybersecurity and its vocabulary, as well as incorporates low prep activities you can modifiy to fit your needs.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Lesson, Lesson Plan

Author: Mary Dickerson

Snowman Algorithms

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After reviewing tips for following instructions, students will use plane figures to create a mystery image using their teacher's algorithm. Unfortunately, the teacher's directions are not very precise. Students will lend a hand by giving detailed feedback to debug and clarify the set of ordered instructions to successfully build a snowman.   

Material Type: Lesson

Author: Kim Keith