#GoOpenVA Users Hub

A Hub for all #GoOpenVA users, with help files, tips, how-to videos, and more.


This Hub was created for all users of #GoOpenVA, no matter your experience level with technology, openly-licensed resources, or collaboration.  Groups have been created to address specific activities and you are invited to join the groups and add your own voice.  Generally, help areas are much more helpful when there is more than one person providing information!  

If you want to learn more about using #GoOpenVA, you have three resources to turn to:

The Help Center right here on #GoOpenVA

The online-only Introduction to OER course offered through Virtual Virginia (about 4 hours of self-paced work). Sign up at the Virtual Virginia PD page, but recognize that it may take 2-3 days for the system to verify your account for Virtual Virginia.

The Workshop in a Box developed with VSTE (Virginia Society for Technology in Education) members, which has materials for a locally delivered or managed professional learning experience.  The Workshops are divided into 4 topics, with the first (Foundations) already available and the others coming soon!