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6-8 Computer Science Connections

6-8 Computer Science Connections


Downloadable spreadsheet to assist ITRTs and Librarians in connecting the DLI SOL with 6-8 Computer Science SOL.

The attached Excel spreadsheet contains potential connections between the Digital Learning Integration Standards (DLI SOL) and Computer Science SOL in the grade band 6-8. This is a reference tool to be used by ITRTs and Librarians when helping teachers integrate technology.


It is also just a starting point--it is not meant to be an exhaustive list of how teachers may meet both DLI SOL and content area SOL at the same time.  It is meant to be edited and remixed by those of you who are working day-to-day with integrating technology and content. If you adapt this resource for your own division, please share your work with other ITRTs and Librarians by posting your remixes (noting the name of your division in the title to allow quick browsing).


Also, be aware that the text in the "Key Words and Concepts" column reflect interpretations; you may come away with different understandings of the DLI SOL.  These are included in these documents to assist you in understanding our reasoning on making the connections the way we did.